Terms and conditions: 

1. I am in a good state of general health with no current symptoms of illness. If I do become ill between now and my appointment I agree to contact Laura to let her know. 

2. I understand that Laura is qualified to offer relaxation, pre-natal, and deep-tissue massage and as such, is not qualified to offer remedial therapeutic work to treat injuries. 

3. If I have any medical conditions affecting the: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, reproductive, respiratory, urinary, or musculoskeletal systems, or any recent injuries, addiction, psychosis, recent surgery, epilepsy or diabetes, I will inform Laura via email.

4. If I am pregnant, I understand that I cannot receive massage in the first trimester and that I must receive clearance from my midwife or health provider.

5. If I need to cancel my appointment, I agree to give Laura at least 24 hours notice, and if I give less than 24 hours, I agree to pay a cancellation fee of no more than 30%.